Un sabor original, único y refrescante adorado por todo el mundo. Este classic cola e-líquido con aroma a te llenará la boca de un sabor dulce que te resultará familiar. Algunos dicen que tiene toques de café, otros dicen que sabe a vainilla, otros dicen que sabe a caramelo de canela. Pruébelo tu mismo para ver cuán auténtico es. Jucce E-liquids se enorgullece de ofrecerte una nueva gama de sabores. Nuestras nuevas gamas, Ice, Candy y Fizz, embotellan algunos de los mejores y memorables sabores para que los disfrutes en tu kit de vapo.


3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg




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Love a candy flavoured vape and want to try some of our other e-liquid offerings? Sample other flavours in our sweets-inspired range – you won’t regret it! Fans of a tangy and sweet vape will enjoy the slightly fizzy flavour of the Apple Sours e-liquid, while tropical flavour lovers will fall in love with the Mango Sours e-liquid, an homage to creamy mango and our favourite fizzy sweets. For a truly unique vape, don’t forget to give our Black Jack nic salt a go; this carefully crafted flavour will remind you of childhood sweetshops every time you vape it!

Which nicotine strength should I choose?

Our mouth-watering cola bottles e-juice is available in four nicotine levels; 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. The nicotine strength you choose is entirely up to you, but if in doubt we recommend starting with a lower strength. 3mg is considered a low nicotine dose and is ideal for casual vapers and former smokers, while 6mg is also on the low end as is ideal for any ex-smokers who were used to smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day. If you're trying to quit smoking and are accustomed to smoking a pack a day, 12mg or 18mg will be a better option to help you keep the cravings away.

What vape device should I use Candy Cola Bottles E-Liquid with?

With its 50/50 VG/PG ratio, this cola bottles nic salt is perfect for vaping in a pod kit such as the NVee Refillable Pod. Just fill up your pod with the lip-smacking cola bottles juice and you're ready to enjoy your vape!

Are Jucce e-liquids TPD compliant?

Yes, all of the e-liquids we sell at Jucce are completely compliant with the TPD regulations in the UK and EU. Featuring child-proof and tamper-evident caps for your peace of mind, our 10ml bottles of e-liquid are carefully tested and safe for your vape.

Can nic salts help me quit smoking?

Nic salts are recommended for anyone trying to quit smoking cigarettes, because their nicotine can be absorbed by the body in as little as 6 seconds. This makes them ideal for former smokers trying to stave off cravings.

How long will a 10ml e-liquid bottle last me?

Small but mighty, Jucce's bottles of e-liquid can last a surprisingly long time. If you're using the NVee Pods, which have a capacity of 1ml, these bottles can last you 10 refills. How quickly you use up the e-liquid will depend on your personal vaping habits and frequency, but we can assure you that these little bottles of cola flavoured e-liquid will keep you going for a while.

What does it mean if an e-liquid is 50/50?

A 50/50 e-liquid is a vape juice with an equal ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), two of the main ingredients in e-liquid. PG is a thin, tasteless liquid that helps bring out the flavourings in the mix, while VG is a thicker and slightly sweet ingredient that provides those dense vapour clouds. With equal parts VG and PG, a 50/50 e-liquid like our cola candy-inspired juice is perfect for use in a pod kit and provides great flavour and vapour.

How is cola flavour made?

Cola is a flavour that usually combines vanilla, cinnamon, citrus oils and kola nuts. To create our mind-blowing cola bottle vape juice, we've added a hint of fizzy candy to the classic cola taste. Delicious!

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